Compact tripod turnstile in Aisi 304 or 316 stainless steel which combines the strength of a product built entirely out of stainless steel with the reliability of a cost-efficient turnstile. Conceived for an effective access control, this turnstile is carefully designed and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; it may be placed even in contexts where floorspace is limited, such as offices, warehouses, airports or sports facilities. Its simple design combines security in control with ease of use and of integration with such third-arty devices as badge reader terminals, impartial systems, counters etc.

The TRV1M turnstile is equipped with a hydraulic decelerator which dampens rotation and an electronic boards which can accept release signals in both directions. In order to begin rotation, users must apply a light force on the arm which blocks transit until the first half of the rotation is complete. In case of power failure, the arms remain locked, while in the version with drop-down arms these may be released by means of an emergency contact present on the electronic board.

Works with:
  • Drop-down or retractable arms
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control
  • Token dispenser
  • Transit counter


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