A turnstile with body completely made out of AISI 304 or 316 steel with removable top lid, transit indicators and RFID reader housing compartment.

The TRV7M turnstile has a selective bi-directional mechanism, equipped with a hydraulic decelerator which can accept release signals in both directions. To begin the rotation, the user must apply a light pressure on the arm which blocks transit until the first half of the rotation is complete; the tripod completes the rotation automatically, while a special device prevents the inversion of rotation and a mechanical decelerator slows down the tripod until t reaches its rest position. In case of power failure, the arms are locked, but they may be preventively unlocked by means of the emergency contact present on the electronic board. The TRV7M-GET version is particularly interesting, as it is ready for the installation of coin or token operated machines which are ideal to automate the access to areas subject to fees such as public toilets, parks, museums etc.

Works with:
  • Drop-down or retractable arms
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control
  • Token dispenser
  • Transit counter


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